Plant Health Care Services

Master Arbor specializes in the diagnosis of tree and shrub pathogens, pests, and overall health of your plants. When you think your tree or shrubs are stressed, call us at 435-773-2151 before it is too late to save the plant.

Shiny Leaves

Browning Edges

Unwanted Pests

Signs of a Sick Plant

Plants that are stressed can show the following signs:

● Leaves start to yellow early, ● Leaves turn brown on the edges, ● Leaves have brown or black spots, ● Leaves get shiny and sticky, ● Unwanted pests, ● Whole branches die, ● The top of the tree starts to die, and ● Leaves come out late in the spring or fall early in the autumn.

If your plant is showing any of these symptoms, Master Arbor can help! Call us at 435-773-2151 for a diagnosis.

Let Us Help!

Master Arbor is just a call away from helping you with all of your plant needs. We are a highly trusted local business prepared to assist the Southern Utah community!